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Co-Founder of Sonic Bliss Productions, LLC

Los Angeles, CA.

A new style label/production/art creation company

specializing in music productions, photo art imagery, artist development, scoring, remixing and publishing. 


Whether Playing, Producing, Remixing or Arranging - Focuses on embracing a great song and bringing out the best in each artist…. 


Has been Heard on countless Multi-Platinum,

Grammy, Oscar and Emmy Winning recordings, soundtracks

and TV Shows 


Toured the world many-times-over with top

domestic and international artists 


Produced, Arranged and Composed numerous

tracks for various artists 


Written and Arranged for National Commercial and TV Spots. Collaborates, Develops, Mentors and

Consults Musicians, Artists and Songwriters

around the world.


Remixes and Productions as "GROOVESOUP" 

Blending sounds, rhythms and styles to create

new feelings and emotions.


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